About Me

The “about me” text is sometimes copied into programs and articles without me being asked. I am therefore tempted to write something completely random like “Natalie grew up in a circus where she tamed crocodiles!”

I was a wild child and tumbled around in the living room when my talent scout mum spotted me and brought me to a sports acro club. That is where I spent most evenings and weekends training between the age of five and sixteen. After doing my A levels I auditioned for the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. I received a comprehensive education in dance and theatre from 2004-2007 and specialised in handbalancing under a great teacher: Janchivdorj Sainbayar. However after I graduated I decided I prefer to become a dancer. I then spent a study year at Visions in Motion dance school which enabled me to integrate contemporary dance and acrobatics. In the meantime I toured in Variety theatres, with theatre and dance companies and with international shows. I also taught in Nepal at Circus Kathmandu. In 2011 I felt like I was done with being on stage and went to Berlin to study sociology and politics until 2017. This degree enabled me to widely reflect on my educational and my artistic work and my role as an artist and teacher in society. I came to understand, especially through the fantastic research project Labor Cirque what I value about my artistic work. It also made me realize that my writing and my performance making go together. In 2014 I made my first solo performance “Selfie with eggs”, from 2016 onwards I started working with Mark Morreau jointly making “Natalie Inside Out”, started to compere shows and develop my own coaching concepts.

And now I am here and really made it in life: I own five inflatable crocodiles and I have tamed them all! I also have an inflatable lobster and a spaceship costume. I think it all turned out rather well.